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Volunteer At The Butler Museum!

The Butler Museum could not complete its mission without its volunteers. At this time, the museum is seeking dedicated volunteers. Working at the museum is a great way to pitch into the community, meet other civic-minded residents with similar interests and gain the knowledge of the borough's great history. 


The Butler Museum is open every first and third Saturday of the month from 10am to 2pm. Volunteers meet once per month.

If you are interested: VOLUNTEER NOW!

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Project Title: The Main Street Project

Project Coordinator: Alan Bird

Research associates: Tom Riley, Bob Meier, Kate Nafz, Paul Smeilus, Cindy Sokoloff

Project Exhibit: Jesse Bross, Paul Bastante

The Main Street Project Butler NJ.jpg

The Main Street Project's main object is to research and document all of the businesses that called Main Street home throughout history and to exhibit it for future generations after producing a way to exhibit the information. 

 It is a project that has devoured hundreds of hours of the time of some of our volunteers. It is also the kind of things that we need our volunteers more. 

This project has an and archival methodology and made use of many sources including Butler High School yearbooks, Newspaper advertisements, live interviews, resident accounts, business directories, yellow page directories, Google Maps and many other sources. 

A lion's share of the main research into the project came from Tom Riley and Bob Meier, both local historians. Alan Bird, The Butler Museum curator, is the "project Coordinator" and responsible for a large block of research as well, in addition to managing the project to it's near completion.

We could not even come close to completing such a complex research project without the dedication of the aforementioned volunteers.    




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