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Butler Economic Development Committee  
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    Economic Development Committee of the Borough of Butler


    Mission Statement

    The focus of the Committee is to foster, develop, and implement an economic plan that attracts merchants of all sizes to establish or move  their business into Butler.  The Committee's mission is to attract strong enterprises that will enhance the rich and diverse business mix already existing and to promote occupancy of existing vacancies as well as work together to revitalize existing properties to assist in enhancing current tax ratables.

    The Economic Development Committee will also be available to assist with new applications and/or inquiries for commercial/industrial development; to fost a friendly and cooperative business environment; to promote an economically diverse environment; and to help realize a desirable economic future for the Borough of Butler.


    Composition of The Committee

    The Economic Development Committee shall be comprised of seven (7) members and two (2) alternates to be appointed by the Borough Council.  Two (2) members shall also be members of the Borough Council.  Two (2) members shall be residents of the Borough of Butler  Two (2) members shall be business owners from the Borough of Butler, and one (1) member shall be a senior citizen who is also a resident of the Borough of Butler.  The alternates shall be residents of the Borough of Butler.  Members shall serve without compensation for a term of two (2) years.


    The Board

    Chairperson - Sandi Liss (business owner SoulJourney) (phone 973/838-6564)
    Vice Chairperson - Chris Ziegler (resident)

    Greg Zaccardi (business owner High Point Brewing Co.)
    Raymond Verdonik - Borough Council member
    Marc Piccirillo - Borough Council member

    Please like us on our Facebook page @ButlerEDC or search for @Butler Economic Development Committee

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