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            Water.wmf  BUTLER WATER DEPARTMENT  

 Monday thru Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
                         Telephone: (973) 838-7208 

                                    Fax: (973) 838-1011
                      Emergency #: (before 8:30 am and after 4:30 pm, weekends & holidays)
                                             (973) 838-0063

Office Staff:
Office Supervisor: Cora Ashley
                       Linda DeCumber                   Celeste Knapp
                       Debbie Simonson                  Pam Krattiger

                       Superintendent of Public Works: 
                        Hours: Monday thru Friday (except holidays)
Phone #
- (973) 838-1146

      The Water Utility supplies water to approximately 2,500 customers (8,000 people) in Butler, High Crest Lake in West Milford and Kinnelon. The Kakeout Reservoir is the source of potable water for the Butler system, with a capacity of approximately 950 million gallons.
      The recent rehabilitation of a filtration plant and the construction of a new intake structure have improved the quality of water to the population served. In addition, a new 1 million gallon water storage tank was added to the system and improvements have been made to automate the automatic maintenance of the water levels in the utilities 2 water tanks. The filtration plant provides approximately 1 million gallons per day of treated water to its customers, but supplies as high as 2 million gallons per day during the summer months.

Water and Sewer is billed quarterly.
1st quarter is April (consumption for this bill covers Jan, Feb, and March)
2nd quarter is July (consumption for this bill covers Apr, May and June)
3rd quarter is October (consumption for this bill covers July, Aug, Sept)
4th quarter is January (consumption for this bill covers Oct, Nov, Dec)

Sewer is billed by actual consumption for the 4th and 1st quarters. Sewer billing for the 2nd and 3rd quarter is based on the average of the 1st and 4th quarters.
4th quarter consumption       20,000 gallons
1st quarter consumption     +10,000 gallons
Total consumption                30,000 gallons ÷ 2 = 15,000 gallons

Water per thousand gallons is $4.54. Base rate per unit* is $41.75 for a 5/8 inch meter which includes the  first 3,000 gallons of water used per quarter.
Sewer per thousand gallons is $6.10. If meter is larger than 5/8 inch, base rate will be higher. Call our office for the actual base rate for larger meters.

*Unit - a room or group of rooms used as a separate entity.

Charges for re-connect or disconnect
During normal business hours (7am - 3pm) - $75.00
After hours, weekends and holidays - $150.00

For a copy of the annual Water Report, click here.

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