Butler Police Department Employment Opportunities

Interested in joining the Butler Police? The Butler Police Department participates in the State of New Jersey Civil Service Commission standardized testing process for hiring and promotional advancement. All phases of the recruitment, selection and hiring process for entry level law enforcement positions conform to the rules and regulations established by the New Jersey Civil Service Commission and municipal ordinance. Entry level examinations are conducted exclusively by the Civil Service Commission once every two years. Check the New Jersey Civil Service Commission website www.nj.gov/csc for more information.

Diversity Applicant and Promotion Annual Report 2022 - 2023

Candidates must be able to fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

• Citizen of the United States;

• Good health to satisfy pension requirements;

• Able to read, write and speak the English language well and intelligently;

• Of good moral character and free from conviction of any crime constituting an indictable offense or any crime or offense involving moral turpitude;

• Able to pass a written exam administered by the New Jersey Civil Service Commission and able to pass oral, medical, psychological and drug screening examinations as required by agency policy;

• High School graduate

• Meet all requirements of NJSA 40A:14-122 to 40A:14-127

**The Butler Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer.**