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MANDATORY WATER RESTRICTIONS - see News and Announcements     
MANDATORY WATER RESTRICTIONS - see News and Announcements     

Harmon Lot Parking Permit

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 Borough of Butler Harmon Lot Parking Permit Application

Vehicle to be Parked

Have Permit Mailed to your Residence

Payer Information

Payment Information

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Terms & Conditions:

 By submitting this request I affirm that the information listed within this form and the information given is accurate and true. I also affirm that I understand the following rules:
1. Permits are available for non-commercial vehicles ONLY.
2. Permits are limited to Butler residents ONLY.
3. No more that two (2) permits per family.
4. Permits shall be non-refundable and non-transferable.
5. Permit parking shall be prohibited when snow plowing and/or parking lot maintenance is needed. We will attempt to contact you to move your vehicle for plowing and/or maintenance. Please note, it is your responsibility to remove your vehicle during such instances.
6. If you change vehicles during the permit year you must notify: Butler Police Records at: 973-838-4100 ext. 305

Parking Permits can take up to fourteen (14) full days to be completed and issued. 

I agree to the above Terms and Conditions.