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Butler Residential CCO (Sale of Property)

* Fields in red are required

Borough of Butler CCO Application for Residential Sale

Email Addresses

When approved your CCO will be e-mailed to you and to whomever you wish up to four email addresses and the buyers and sellers attorneys. (Six in total)

Please enter the e-mail addresses below and print them clearly on the CCO application.

In order to complete this application you must:

1. Download the CCO Application for Residential Sale using the below link.

Click here to download - Butler Borough CCO Application (Residential) Download

1. Print and complete the CCO Application completely.

2. Upload the CCO Application. (In the next step of this form you are required to UPLOAD the completed CCO Application.)

3. Upload a Survey. (If available)

Note: You can upload a picture in .jpeg format or a .pdf file.

Payer Information

Payment Information

Enter information as it appears on your check (USA Banks Only)
Using the following lower portion of a personal check as an example, enter the information that appears at the bottom of your check. Do NOT include any dashes or spaces.

Terms & Conditions:

I affirm that I have completed the statements listed within this form and the information given is full and true and known to be so.

Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors must be in proper working order. Per Butler Ordinance Chapter 101M(7)(b) there will be a $25 Re-Inspection Fee for each Inspection Failure regarding the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Fire Extinguisher. Fee must be paid before the Inspector re-inspects.

A MINIMUM of seven (7) full business days of notice is required for Inspections

I agree to the above Terms and Conditions.