The Borough Clerk's office issues a variety of permits and licenses. Additional information and regulations for each type of license is available at the office. Here is a brief description of requirements and fees:

Amusement games (Operator) - a license is required to operate amusement games in permitted establishments. 

Amusement games (Distributor) - a license is required to distribute amusement games in permitted establishments.

Bingo License - available to qualified organizations licensed by Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission. Approval for each occasion is required by Mayor and Council.

Contract for Hiring of Police Officer - an agreement by one who desires to hire and retain police officers during their off duty hours.

Fishing License Application - an application to fish in the Kakeout Reservoir. AVAILABLE ONLINE - INSTANT PERMIT
 Fishing License Rules

Garage Sale Permit - A permit must be obtained from the Borough Clerk's office or may be found online in our Forms section. A garage sale is defined as the selling of used household items. There is a $5 for the license, except is it is a group sale consisting of more than five tables, in which case the fee shall be $25. AVAILABLE ONLINE - INSTANT PERMIT

Kennel/Pet Shop/Shelter/Pound License - Application must be accompanied by the written approval of the Health Officer showing compliance with the local and state rules and regulations governing the location of and sanitation at the establishment. 

Landlord Registration - Application to become a landlord for a property in the Borough of Butler.

Liquor Licenses - renewed yearly. Application process in compliance with Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission requirements. 

Peddlers/Canvassers/Solicitors Permit - Must have a permit to solicit. Application with required documentation must be provided and approved by the Butler Police Department.

Permit Parking Harmon Lot - Permit is limited to residents of Butler, and no more than 2 permits per family. Permit parking is prohibited during such times when snow plowing on the lot is necessary or when parking lot maintenance is required. AVAILABLE ONLINE - INSTANT PERMIT

Raffle Licenses - Available to qualified organizations licensed by Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission. License needed for each event, please submit applications a minimum of two weeks prior to the event. Fees are based upon the type of raffle. 

Street Opening - A permit is needed if the street is needed to be opened for any type of construction. Fees are based on the type of work to be done. 

Taxi/Limousines - Certificate to obtain "o" license from Motor Vehicles available only to businesses based in Butler. Insurance policy, proof of ownership, and zoning approval are required. There is a separate application form for taxicab drivers. 

Use of Borough Facility - Application for use of a borough facility, including street closures and requirements for special police assistance. A $200 deposit is required.