Whenever a hearing is required on an application for development or for any matter coming before the Board, the applicant will give notice the owners of all property within 200 feet in all directions of the property which is the subject of that hearing. The tax assessor of the municipality within seven (7) days after receipt of a request and a fee of $10.00 will prepare a certified list from the current tax duplicate of names and addresses of owners to whom the applicant is required to give notice. Please provide name and telephone number so we can contact you when the list is complete. Notice will be given:

 A. Serving a copy of the owner as shown on the certified tax list or his agent in charge of the property.

 B. Mailing a copy by certified mail to the property owner at his address as shown on the certified tax list.

 C. All notices will be given at least ten (10) days prior to the date of the hearing of the application and the applicant must provide certified receipts for such mailing or sworn affidavit that notices were hand delivered.

 D. Notice will be given by publication in ONE of the official newspapers of the municipality at least ten (10) days prior to the date of the hearing; proof of publication must also be provided.

 E. The Borough of Butler official newspapers are as follows:

                        Suburban Trends                                 Today Newspaper             
                        Herald and News                                 Daily Record
                        Star Ledger                                         Bergen Record

F. Public notification is not required for minor site plan or minor subdivision unless a variance is required.

G. An attorney MUST represent any corporation who submits an application to the Planning Board.

 H. You must provide to the Board Secretary at the time of filing:

                        15 copies of the completed application
            15 copies of all prints and maps
            15 copies of all other documents
            1 copy of the checklist completed by the applicant

 Any application for development shall be filed with the Board Secretary and shall be accompanied by required fees and all data and information listed in the checklist for completeness of an application as provided. Any maps and documents for which approval is being sought at a hearing shall be on file and available for public inspection at least ten (10) days prior to the date of the scheduled hearing.


Land Use Application Instructions

I. The following checklist is designed to assist applicants in preparing applications for the Board review. All items listed below, in addition to those required by Ordinance, must be
supplied or the application may be deemed incomplete.

q       Legend as to what building will be used for and proposed maximum occupancy.

q       Percentage of landscaping in interior of parking area.

q       Show existing and proposed sign area indicating square footage. Show the height of the building. Show area of front fa├žade in square feet. Indicate construction material and colors.

q       Parking area, showing spaces, clearly outlining parking for all physically handicapped, where applicable.

q       Type of surface paving and curbing.

q       Storm drainage facilities and means of disposal of storm water.

q       Driveways showing vehicular circulation, indicating directional arrows to be painted on pavement, sight distances and sign triangles, and description of lighting in connection with parking.

q       Limits of grading for proposed improvements and descriptions of scheduling of soil erosion and sediment control facilities.

q       Minimum setback lines.

q       Landscaping, fences, walls or similar to be provided.

q       Limits of Flood Hazard, Flood Way and Wetlands Limits.

q       Percentage of disturbed land area as proposed and as permitted by Ordinance.

q       Percentage of Improved Lot Coverage as proposed and as permitted by Ordinance.

q       Percentage of Lot Coverage as proposed and permitted by Ordinance.

q       Location of all structures within 200 feet of the property line.

q       A statement as to the amount of soil to be moved, stated in square feet of disturbed area and cubic years, for determination as to whether a Borough of Butler Soil Removal Permit is required. Applicant should specify reasons for the variance request.

II. The Planning Department reviews the application and notifies the applicant that the application is complete or incomplete within 45 days. The applicant will be advised of any revisions or additions necessary to insure completeness within 45 days.

III. If a variance is involved in the Site Plan Application, the applicant should specify reasons for the variance request.

IV. The Municipal Agency decides upon the completeness of the application and sets a date for public hearing. The application fees and escrows must be submitted prior to completeness.